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Challenger Trailers Ltd was established 12 years ago and to date has manufactured over 250000 trailers. We are South Africa’s largest manufacturer of trailers up to
2920kg gross weight, manufacturing trailers for a wide variety of
The wide product range includes livestock, horsebox, general purpose, tipping,
plant, flatbed, container, car transporters as well as 4 x 4 off road trailers!
The customer base is equally wide, from farmers and show jumpers to builders,
sportsman and outdoor nature lovers.

Trailer with Bicycle Rack

The company’s philosophy is to produce high quality trailers that combine high
technology with strength, durability, ease of maintenance and value for money.
An advanced Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing system is used and the company makes sure the opinions of its customers are incorporated into its research and development activities: trailers are designed to meet the needs of real people
doing real jobs.


A high percentage of parts are produced to the company’s own designs, including
axles, chassis and most body parts. Purchased parts and materials are sourced
from approved manufacturers who are able to satisfy the demands set for
consistent high quality. Rigorous checks are made continuously on
self-manufactured components and those it buys in.


Further investments continue to be made in new facilities under a programme of
improvements in manufacturing methods, materials handling systems, the products
themselves and customer service.
The company invests heavily in the latest manufacturing technology. Facilities
include, German-made Hydraulic automated punching and materials handling
machine. This computerised machine works to an accuracy of under .001 of a
millimetre, which enables us to produce a constant high quality product on our
production line. Trailers are produced at our main manufacturing site in
Naboomspruit, Limpopo province.


Product distribution is handled by dealers in South Africa and a growing
network of subsidiaries and independent distributors across Africa.


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