Our Resicoat R powder coatings for pipelines are well known to the oil and gas industry, providing both high levels of corrosion protection and value for money throughout a pipeline’s in-service lifetime.

Single Layer FBE Coatings

Resicoat Single Layer Pipe Coatings comprise a range of stand-alone pipeline protection coatings (R-726, R-726A). They are the most cost-effective coatings for general pipeline operations.

The R-556 series provides powder coatings with a higher Glass Transition Temperature (Tg2) of up to 160°C.

The R-726LAT powder is designed for lower application temperature with a preheating temperature of ~180° C. As higher steel grades are sensitive to temperatures above 200° C, this technology is suitable for single layer application of steel grades X80, X100 and X120 and also for field joint coatings.

Resicoat Dual Layer FBE Coatings

Dual Layer FBE Coatings were introduced in the early 1990s as an alternative to liquid over-coating systems for directional drilling applications. Resicoat DL is designed to achieve outstanding pipeline properties, even in the most severe operating environments.

Two stand-alone FBE coatings can be applied successively by electrostatic spray in one spray booth or in two. Due to this combination, the resulting film performance characteristics are better than the sum of the individual coatings. The first Resicoat R-726 layer provides the first class adhesion and corrosion-resistance properties of a stand-alone FBE coating. The second layer is typically deposited during the melt stage of the first layer. The key to the superior properties of the Dual Layer Coating System is the specially formulated second layer.

  • Resicoat R-726 + R-105: Flexible system: for highest flexibility at highest film thickness.
  • Resicoat R-726 + R-641: Gouge resisting system: for optimal protection against damage while laying handling, backfill and during horizontal application.
  • Resicoat R-726 + R-741: Anti-slip system: for prevention of the pipe slipping out of the concrete weight coating during laying from a lay barge.
  • Resicoat R-726 + R-600: UV-resistance: a polyester powder on top of a Dual Layer system ensures excellent resistance to sunlight exposure.

Primer for 3-Layer systems

Three-Layer coatings (Resicoat R-726, R-726A, R-726LAT, R-735, R-556 series)  are popular corrosion protection systems in Europe and in many other countries around the world. A high level of performance can be achieved with the right system design, combining the best features of FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) and stabilized PE (Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene). The low application temperature of some Resicoat powders in a range of 180 – 200° C results in considerable cost savings of energy and polyethylene consumption.

Powders with high Glass Transition Temperature

Resicoat R-556 FBE coatings are available with Glass Transition Temperatures (Tg2) up to 160° C. These are suitable as stand-alone FBE or as primer for 3-Layer Polypropylene (PP) Systems.

Powders for low application temperature

Our new powder technology can be applied as a Single Layer at a temperature of ~ 180° C. This temperature is around 45° C lower than the application temperature of a standard powder. Resicoat R-726LAT is suitable for higher steel grades because of their sensitiveness. Also for field joints the powder provides big advantages like saving in time and energy