ComponentsAluminum Wheel Premium Primer – Grey

Primers have an essential job to do. Especially when striving for the perfect finish on a multi-layer coating system. Interpon A4700’s state of the art wheel primers deliver the highest levels of appearance and technical performance. Mechanical properties (diamond cut) and intercoat adhesion (multi layer repair system) are key milestones for our best performing Interpon A4700 primer systems. Best in class performance is combined with user friendly application properties. This ensures wheel producers achieve a high volume and high quality production line. 

OEM Designers are constantly developing new colors and need new primer colors to match these colors.  Interpon A4701 delivers high quality colored wheel primer system to the market quickly and effectively.

GMA Premium Clear Coat for Aluminum Wheels

Interpon A4740 clear top coats are the first choice of wheel makers around the world. They are, in fact, the OEM standard in the aluminum wheel market. Why? Outstanding application consistency and film performance. Class A elegance and OEM specified durability in a super smooth finish with crystal clear transparency. Best corrosion performance and, from our latest GMA generation products, new improved filiform resistance properties. Enough said.

Polyester Clear Coat for Aluminum Wheels

OEM approved Interpon A4742 is the TGIC free polyester clear coat system for the wheel industry. Offering good transparency and durability with an attractive performance and price compromise, Interpon A4741 is only available in the Americas.

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