componentExterior class A – standard durable

A durable finish for standard exterior application or semi-interior parts including door frames and sun roofs, Interpon A2202 is available in a wide choice of colors, gloss or special effects.  With a good price to performance compromise, approvals are available from global OEMs.

Interpon A2204 offers the same functionality but comes in an additional variety of metallic effects.

High quality. Monocoats or dual coat systems are well known for this. Interpon A2206 offers a specific and unique textured surface. Available in the most popular textures, including fine and matt, but also in high gloss and other variations.

Exterior class A – super durable

Roof racks, wiper arms and pillars (A/B/C/D) need to withstand the heat. Interpon A2201 delivers superb UV resistance combined with high quality surface appearance. Available in a gloss range from 9 units to >90 units, this is one of the most popular products used for trims.

componentInterpon A2203 offers the same quality but features modern metallic technology. Monocoats and dual coat systems are available as OEM approved systems.

Looking for an elegant alternative for your trim? Perhaps a matt fine texture? Interpon A2205’s textured product range featuring super durable technology is the answer.

Interior trim

Developed to meet automotive designers’ requirements for interior trim parts, Interpon A2220 comes in a range of colors, glosses, metallic finishes and textures. Its appearance and functionality are specifically formulated upon request from OEMs.

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