ComponentsDecorative Powder Coatings

Interpon A3100 offers a wide range of durable and super durable products to meet the specific demands of the motorbike market. They come in a range of color effects, gloss and metallic finishes. Interpon A3100 benefits from the quality and long market experience of the Interpon A2000 (exterior trim) product line.

Functional Powder Coatings

Interpon A3200 is formulated to the exact special requirements of the customer. High chemical resistance and mechanical properties, including stone chip resistance, are regularly delivered along with excellent smoothness. Matt or gloss finishes and effects, including metallic or textured in various colors, are available. Interpon A3200 is available as a monocoat or dual coat system.

Heat Resistance Powder Coatings

High heat areas of a motorbike require extra protection. Interpon A3300 is specially designed to withstand high heat from 200°C to a maximum of 550°C, depending on customer requirements. Colors are limited.

Powder Coatings for Wheels specific and the Motorbike Industry

Interpon A3400 grey primers give best out-gassing and flow performance. They are the best fond for a liquid base and liquid clear coat system. Interpon A3400 is available in various colors or metallic finishes for monocoat or dual coat technology. As a two layer powder coating system (silver primer and top clear) Interpon A3400 delivers value and productivity.


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