Interpon Powder Coatings are popular in the automotive industry. Our customers use them on a range of applications, from the body work and trim to aluminum wheels and in-mould light weight components.

Historically, our powders have been primarily used on wheels and trims to provide aesthetic and high performance attributes. However, as our customers environmental and economic priorities evolve – with a more urgent need to reduce carbon footprints and lower costs – so does our paint.

That’s why we have developed an innovative powder coating which can be used as a body coat, providing a realistic alternative to liquid paint.  Our Interpon A powder mono coat system reduces the number of application process steps, thus delivering a significant reduction in energy consumption to our customers.

But we don’t stop there. Our Interpon Impress in-mold coatings, which ensure proper coating of sheet molding compounds (SMCs), also reduces the number of process steps by taking manual sanding, liquid coating and energy costs out of the chain.

As the green agenda continues to play a bigger part in the automotive industry, so the spotlight falls on powder coatings. With no VOCs, less waste and reduced energy usage during application, it’s no wonder that our Interpon powder coatings have achieved the highly regarded SMaRT platinum standard.

Product and process approvals are paramount in the automotive industry, where performance expectations are high, thus the barrier for entry into this market is costly and in many cases complex. By having a knowledgeable team with the experience to interface with the key OEM’s and our direct tier customers, AkzoNobel is able to offer product approvals that are globally accepted.

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