Machinery for construction, earthmoving and mining takes multi tasking to new extremes. It has to be robust. It has to dig. It has to reach. It has to look great. It has to be strong. It has to be safe. It pushes, it shovels, it pulls, it dumps…the list goes on. It is used in every kind of weather, on every kind of surface, above ground and below ground and has to perform each and every time.

The amount of strain both the machinery and the coating are under each time it is used is huge. So you need a coating that will stand up to the test of time and endurance. Interpon ACE offers outstanding technical capabilities in the most challenging of conditions. From salt spray and humidity resistance, weatherability and durability, to impact resistance, pencil gauge hardness, adhesion and everything in between, the Interpon ACE powder range has been tested to the highest specification. The outstanding protection capability is combined with a great choice of colors, ensuring a tough and professional finish.