We are proud to make high quality powder coatings. We offer a wide variety of different colors, finishes and performance properties, tailored to your individual needs.

Our powder coatings have many different applications, including:

Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving Equipment
Applications include booms, sticks, buckets, tractors, mining equipment and lawn mowers.


Think engine blocks, wheel trims, brake systems and even coatings for the automotive body.


Construction and Architecture
Applications include balustrades, windows, curtain walls,
facades, etc. 


Domestic appliances
Applications include washing machines, air-conditioning units, fridges, ovens and many more…


Functional pieces
These include above and below ground pipelines, rebars, wires
and electrical components. 


We can coat metal furniture, MDF, stadium seating and even


General Industrial Requirements
Think fencing, barbeques, solar panels, antimicrobial coatings for various industries and many other applications.


IT & Consumer Electronics

Including laptops, hard drives, mice, self-service technology, telecommunications, and more…


We also supply powder coatings to trade coaters.

Most of our coatings for different markets are sold under the Interpon brand. Our functional powders are branded as Resicoat.