Interpon D1000


These coatings are especially designed for the architectural and construction industry, and have been proven over a 40 year lifespan. They are mainly used on aluminium and galvanised steel, but can be used anywhere that attractive, durable colors are required. They have standard exterior durability, meaning excellent color and gloss retention after 12 months Florida testing.

Available in almost an unlimited range of colors and effects, these powders meet the requirements of global entry-level standards such as AAM2603, BS6496, BS EN 12206, and specific ranges have approvals from Qualicoat and GSB (see below). Color ranges vary by region; popular colors are often available next day and bespoke colors can be supplied on request from five days, depending on quantity and region. Local variants in this series include Interpon D1000, Interpon D1010, and Interpon D1036; and for sublimation of patterns Interpon D1094 STF and Interpon D1200 STF.


In a nutshell

  • For residential and small-scale commercial projects
  • Standard durability – 12 months Florida
  • Wide range of colors and gloss levels,
  • Textured and metallic finishes also available
  • Stock and sample availability vary per country/region


Product ranges

  • Interpon D1000*
  • Interpon D1010
  • Interpon D1025*
  • Interpon D1036*^
  • Interpon D1094 STF*
  • Interpon D1200 STF*


* = Qualicoat class 1 approval in some gloss levels and countries
^ = GSB approval in some gloss levels and countries