Interpon UV Powders

Our Interpon UV powders are designed specifically to be applied to pre-coated metal with heat sensitive components, such as PU foam.

They offer a great alternative to traditional liquid coatings – and of course come with all the environmental benefits such as no VOC emissions, associated with powder coatings.  The finish quality is excellent – enhanced scratch resistance is key – and the coating also provides good UV durability. These powders can also be extremely cost effective and offer a quick process.

The Interpon UV range is available in a great range of colors and special effects.  Most colors can be achieved – though bright yellows and oranges can pose a problem due to absorption of UV radiation leading to under-cure. It’s also possible to use Low Solar Absorption technology for darker colors, to limit heat deformation of the substrate during it’s lifetime. Matt finishes and fine textures are also available to a high standard as are most metalics, except Chrome or gold.

The technical properties of Interpon UV are as follows :
Adhesion on precoated metal : Class 0 at 60µm on sanded cleaned panel
Scratch / Abrasion resistance : Pencil hardness >4H
Humidity resistance : 1000h no blistering
Anticorrosion resistance : Is dependant on the precoated metal
UV resistance: Gloss loss less than 50% after 300h QUV-B
Gloss loss less than 50% after 1 year Florida 5° exposure south face

So how does it work ?

It really is quite simple.
The metal part should be prepared for coating; this might involve sanding, de-dustring and masking.
The powder is sprayed as normal by electrostatic spray.
To develop a homogenous film with chemical resistance and mechanical properties, the applied powder film must be cured.  Unlike conventional powder coatings, UV-cured powders have a two-step curing process.  First the powder coating is heated to form a melt.  This is normally done using infra-red radiation, since this is more specific to heatingthe powder coatings without damaging the thermally-sensitive substrate.  Second, the powder melt is then crosslinked via a radical crosslinking reaction: the radicals are created by the action of UV light on photoinitiators in the formulation.  Typically a UV irradiance of 2.5J/cm² from  Gallium and Mercury lamps, for less than 10 seconds is required – significantly quicker than conventional thermally-cured powder coatings.
There is no special requirement for a cooled spraying booth, provided the temperature during spraying does not exceed 35°C.

And how is it stored ?

Our Interpon UV powders have a shelf life of around 6 months and should be stored at <18°C.